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Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, and Enriched Kindergarten


At e.p.i.c. school we are proud to call ourselves specialists in early education. We offer rich programs for students in Pre-Kindergarten, Junior and Senior Kindergarten. We know that not all families have the same needs, and so we’ve designed a progressive schedule with flexible options.

Our unique offerings give families the flexibility they need while offering students rich and varied programming from knowledgeable and caring educators and allowing our young students to gradually grow into the demands of full-day learning.


Move and Learn


Our Pre-Kindergarten program runs from 9 to 11:45 a.m. but you can choose to extend the school day and have your child join us for the Move and Learn program from 2 to 5 days per week from 11:45 to 2 p.m.

Move and learn students benefit from a lunch period where children eat together, family-style, have additional opportunity to augment language and social skills in a smaller group setting, as well as participate in fun and active early literacy and numeracy enrichment. It is a lively program that mixes in process art, science, drama, and ends with daily time in the outdoor classroom where students can explore, garden, discover or just plain climb, slide and play. The Move and Learn program not only accommodates families with busy schedules but helps to bridge the transition to full-day learning.



With full day education here to stay, we have developed a jam-packed program that has proven to be nothing short of outstanding. There are too many benefits to full-day learning at e.p.i.c. to list here, but some of the most notable benefits are small group learning along with experiences that are varied and hands-on, where children can apply concepts introduced in the morning. Our program is in tune with the unique needs of young children in full-day learning while providing the tools needed for the transition to grade one.

Our J.K. students stay all day 3 days per week, and our S.K. students stay all day 4 days per week. Families can choose to add full days to suit their children’s needs. Specialized programming is offered each afternoon with early literacy and numeracy woven into the day, as well as time in our outdoor classroom.

The name ScoPe is an acronym that governs our philosophical approach to messy hands-on work: Scientific Explorations, Community, Outdoor Classroom, Project Based Learning, Emergent Curriculum.

Community Explorers:  

This past year in Community Explorers the children made soup, pretzels and many other treats culminating with ScoPe cookbook available on iTunes. We spent time in our outdoor classroom to learn about the environment and work in the e.p.i.c. garden to ensure our students get ample learning time out of doors.


Math Works:

Project Based Inquiry has been the philosophical approach in ScoPe classes. Children study varied and related language and have applied their learning to develop fabulous project portfolios and work collaboratively to design special events such as the famous year end ‘Lemonade Stand’ with signs, planning, shopping and hosting all managed by kindergarten students! This is the approach that will be used in our new Math Works program with a focus on numeracy, of course.


Mixed Media Masters:  

Art and Technology are tools for learning and are integrated in the ScoPe program we will be calling Mixed Media Masters. We will study famous artists as we did last year, while creating some very e.p.i.c. art work, and use technology in creative ways through photography, video and even augmented reality as we prepare our students for the learning landscape of the future.


Tinker Studio:

It has been full steam ahead (ha!) in our e.p.i.c. Tinker Studio as students have explored simple machines (do you know what a fulcrum is?), studied simple chemistry, learned relevant vocabulary, and developed problem solving skills while practicing the scientific method.


ScoPe Stories:

In our ScoPe Stories program, children have done ‘in-depth’ studies of various books,  incorporating journaling, dramatizing familiar stories and collecting mementos of each story read in their own ‘story keeper’. ScoPe stories is a great way to end the week!


Kindergarten Enrichment

Do you want your child to have the benefit of an enriched curriculum, small group learning and to develop foundational literacy and numeracy skills necessary for learning in grade one and beyond?

Are you concerned about the large class sizes in JK and SK in public school?

If so, then e.p.i.c. School’s Kindergarten Enrichment program is right for you!

According to the Ministry of Education, full-day kindergarten is not mandatory. Parents can choose to remove their child for part of the day.

Why choose e.p.i.c. School’s Kindergarten Enrichment?

  • Assessment of your child at the outset and periodically to ensure teaching is at the appropriate level
  • Individualized attention in small groups (max. 8:1) with a focus on your child’s level of readiness
  • Educators who are trained to teach early literacy and numeracy in fun and active ways
  • Hands-on learning and related art, science and drama projects
  • Opportunity to work and play in our outdoor classroom

Our Kindergarten Enrichment program is offered                                                                                                           Monday and Wednesday, & Tuesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

You can choose 2 or 4 days per week.

Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence.

Abigail Adams