Class representative speech given at year-end concert

“I have been working with a wonderful group of Moms on our latest yearbook. Our single biggest challenge was how to fit so much stuff into 32 pages. A lot happens here at e.p.i.c. in the space of a year. Kids produce the most amazing art. They learn to print, to read. They see the magic of tadpoles and caterpillars as they turn into something new. They learn how to say ‘proboscis’. They learn yummy from yucky. And a number make their first best friend. And, they learn to work together, producing fabulous plays like the one we saw today. So much stuff happens here at e.p.i.c.

Thank you for your passion for teaching – your ambitious curriculum with an eye on how kids can learn together, and from each other – your desire to try new things, to adjust, to refine, to improve on last year and, your great sense of fun.

Thank you for the partnerships you developed with parents – the teacher/parent interviews, the open houses, the one-on-one conversations we would often have in the hall, and the time you would take at pick-up to share a story or small success about our child that day. I’m not sure you know how much we appreciated those.

And lastly, thank you for loving our kids – for opening your arms to the teary and terrified in the early days of September, for letting our kids find their own feet, for showing them that they are valued and can make a contribution in a community outside of their home. This is huge. Kids know the real thing when they see it – they know a really good birthday crown when they see it – these kids know they are loved.

As parents, it doesn’t get any better than that.

On behalf of all the parents at e.p.i.c. THANK YOU!”

Changing schools

“When we think back to the angst we felt moving our son from his old school, I just wish we knew then what we know now. This really has been a pivotal year for him. We are just so thrilled to see our little guy transform from a child who was not enjoying school, nor thriving, to one who we feel is doing both. It is a joy to see him making the strides he is. So thank you. For your patience, insight, creativity, and sensitivity in the classroom. And for all the time you spent with us helping us through the dreaded process of finding a place for him where we all feel that he will continue to grow and learn.

We have been continually amazed and truly impressed by what happens at e.p.i.c. School and are so grateful that our children have been able to benefit from such a rich and nurturing environment. ”

Claire H.

Three years at e.p.i.c. School

“I often think back to Nicky’s first days at e.p.i.c. and how FAR she has come in 3 years.

I admire your steadfast commitment to teaching the core values of community and sharing, the wonderfully diverse and wacky ways you let kids experience things and learn, and your ability to tune into each child and help them along their way. Nicky has become such a happy and confident kid at e.p.i.c. She has loved school EACH and every day. What more could a parent hope for!”

Janet Y.

Leaving e.p.i.c. School

“I can’t believe the day has come for us to bid e.p.i.c. adieu. We have had such a wonderful family experience in your school. We cannot thank your wonderful team enough for the imagination, knowledge, commitment, fun, and plain old hard work that you apply to our kids. I hope you know what gift you give our precious little people, and the parents who know what great hands they are in.”

Sarah and Jeff B.

Thank you all!

“With enormous appreciation for what we consider to be the best school in Toronto, – no Ontario, no the whole world! Huge thanks for your tireless efforts, and commitment to each and every child.”

Sandra & Ian

My son is e.p.i.c.

“I cannot possibly leave e.p.i.c. without a personal note to tell you how grateful I am to have discovered such a gem in the world of schools, teachers and communities. I truly believe that all of Adam’s good qualities were enhanced over the last 3 years, and cannot imagine e.p.i.c. not having been a part of his life. When I first visited your school I was immediately taken by the passion shown for what you do, and your knowledge of your students and of teaching and learning. Our time at e.p.i.c. proved to be everything we thought it would be. Thank you for the learning, fun, growth, adventure and inspirations.”


I learned that at e.p.i.c.!

“It has been so exciting watching Ben learn and grow this year. He has loved his time at e.p.i.c. and it is your kind and compassionate nature that has made him feel so comfortable. I know far more about butterflies than I thought possible! The best though has been seeing what a confident boy he has become. e.p.i.c. has been a wonderful experience and I know I will be hearing ‘I learned that at e.p.i.c.!’ for a very long time.”


Great year

“Congratulations on an exceptional year! We can’t thank you enough for your commitment and dedication. Your enthusiasm and excitement makes e.p.i.c. such and amazing, warm, happy environment for our children to learn and grow. Thank you for a fabulous year!”

Jennifer & Lee