Imagine a school with small intimate classrooms, passionate teachers who are experts in their field, a progressive and innovative learning environment, a challenging programme with the flexibility to meet each students needs, and a holistic curriculum that nurtures all aspects of development, namely emotional and social, physical, intellectual and creative.

Welcome to e.p.i.c. School

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e.p.i.c. School has earned a reputation for its superb experience-based, academically and creatively rich programmes that lay the foundation for a lifetime of joyful learning. The school’s powerful recipe for success includes small class sizes, outstanding knowledgeable teachers who understand the value of these valuable foundational years, a rich arts based programme, a strong developmentally appropriate programme with a solid academic foundation, integrated learning with STEM (experiences in science, technology, engineering and math), a smart gym programme, French, an outdoor classroom, music and movement classes, half day, modified full day and full day programmes along with a fabulous parent community just for starters!

There is no substitute for the special place that is e.p.i.c. School

Limited spaces available beginning September 2014.

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